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New Year’s Eve customs in Europe

New Years Eve has its own customs and traditions. Every country in Europe duly celebrates it, always adding its own touches


Happy New Year!

In Greece, New Years Eve is intertwined with gambling and especially cards, in order to get the time well with luck andhopefully with money. Another custom of the Greek New Year is the cutting of the vasilopita with anxiety about who will get the coin.


German New Year
In Germany, it is customary for the guests of the réveillon to exchange a small pig or a fourleaf clover made of almond souls. Of course, the fireworks in every neighborhood have a central place in the celebrations of the German New Year.


Bliadhna Mhath Ùr!

Or elsehappy new year to Celtic, as they are wont to wish such days in Scotland. The New Year is celebrated with all magnificence but also with midnight, Celtic carols. Of course the drink of the evening is Scotch whiskey.


New Year’s Eve in Vienna withBlue Danube
In Austria, the New Year has its own waltz, the waltz of the waltzes“, as it is called. It is none other than Johann Strauss Blue Danube“. Also in the Viennese New Year it is customary for the festive dish to be fish.
Swiss cheese fondue
In Switzerland, the new year enters with parades by symphony orchestras and a lot of noise in the streets to get away from the spirits, according to tradition. Also missing from the festive table is cheese fondue, a not very light dish based on melted cheeses.


Bonne année!

Good food, plenty of champagne and expensive wines waiting in the cellar all year round. Thats how the French have the New Year in mind. There is not much tradition in fireworks, as they have their honor on Bastille Day on July 14. However, tradition dictates an evening walk in illuminated Paris.

Buon Anno Nuovo…with red underwear

In Italy again gentlemen are used to offering their comrades red underwear for the New Year. Its kind of like a charm for good luck. The New Year’s eve party is also necessarily accompanied by a delightful meal ala Italian

«Chestita Nova Godina» in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, legends and beliefs awaken on New Year‘s Day, with men dressing up as monsters and elves and dancing to frantic rhythms to exorcise evil spirits. A celebration that resembles carnival. New Years dance is supposed to bring good crops and good crops to rural areas.


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