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Morocco with its fairytale landscapes, traditional melodies and unique smells will awaken the senses in every visitor. The trip to Morocco is a dive into the culture of the East of the past combined with the influences it has received from the West. During your trip do not forget to get lost in the narrow streets of the old town (medina) in Fez and Marrakesh, bargain in the countless souks, visit temples and historical monuments and visit the desert with your

The new travel trend that prevails in recent years goes by the name Solo Travelers. They travel alone, not because they have no friends or family, but because modern living and working conditions often do not allow permits and budgets to be harmonized between members of a group. So, in order not to miss his vacation you can travel alone and discover the world. We've put together some basic tips to make this experience safe and unique.

London is the city with many faces, which is why it is so charming. The busy shopping streets, museums and attractions on the one hand combined with the intense nightlife on the other! Especially for those visiting it for the first time, it is almost impossible not to want to be there again! The London of theatre and arts, squares and bridges, avant-garde architecture and shopping. London has distinct neighbourhoods, each with its own character. There are reasons to visit every