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Solo travels: 5 tips for you traveling with the new travel trend


The new travel trend that prevails in recent years goes by the name Solo Travelers. They travel alone, not because they have no friends or family, but because modern living and working conditions often do not allow permits and budgets to be harmonized between members of a group. So, in order not to miss his vacation you can travel alone and discover the world.
Weve put together some basic tips to make this experience safe and unique.

  1. After booking the tickets and making the program you will follow, inform someone close to you about it and agree on how to communicate so that someone always knows where you are so that you feel safer.
  2. Solo travelers may have increased to 23% since mid2021, but single hotel rooms remain much more expensive. Hostels and airbnb accommodations are ideal for solo travelers because they have common areas for more socializing.
  3. . Try not to travel with just a card with you and have a copy of your travel documents and the addresses of the hotels you are going to stay.
  4. . Avoid too much and unnecessary luggage, this is especially important when traveling alone, especially when you will not have someone to take care of your things.
  5. . Make sure you buy travel insurance, so that you are not responsible for anything that can go wrong on your trip (from flight cancellation to lost luggage or documents) and for all the costs involved in any setback that may occur.

You will never know if this new trend suits you or not if you do not dare to experience it either for a weekend or a weeklong vacation. Live the experience and leave the rest of the organization to Compass!

Call +30 2310 818111 or send an email to info@compasstravel.gr and let us organize your trip !

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