Panorama of Romania

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Panorama of Romania

€795 per person

A trip to Romania is anything but ordinary. And this is because Romania is a crossroads of races and cultures, linguistic differences and religious differences, which are not found elsewhere in the Balkans, or even in Europe as a whole. Once upon a time, the land of poor people and rich traditions. Today Romania is one of the most active countries in Europe and it is undeniable that its economic rise as well as its cultural role is mainly due to the character of its people who work intensively. A more charming region is Transylvania, where the legend of Count Dracula still fascinates. The medieval cities of Brasov and Sibiu fascinate the visitor. The cultural panorama of the country complements Bucharest with its cosmopolitan atmosphere. An enjoyable and full tour of the country to get to know it as it deserves. Do not miss it!

  • Dress Code
    Casual clothing and comfortable walking shoes!