Southern Italy

Price €845 8 days
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Southern Italy

€845 per person

Southern Italy is calling us loudly, with all its powers, it is so close that you can hear its calls! It’s a trip you’ve always dreamed of, so familiar, Mediterranean. The towns and villages we will meet look like postcards with beauties and images worth seeing and of course the people are so hospitable, kind-hearted and giving that we will feel like our home! From Naples, the vibrant home of pizza and the idyllic Amalfi Coast, to dreamy seaside Sorrento and across the way to the island of dolce vita, Capri, a road trip in southern Italy is what you want to happen to you. Authentic Italian cities and landscapes that will enchant us and satisfy our thirst for travel and new images.

  • Dress Code
    Casual clothing and comfortable walking shoes!