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Corporate Social Responsibility

Everyone in COMPASS understands Corporate Social Responsibility as an integral part of our identity, mission and corporate philosophy.

We invest systematically in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, with sponsorships, actions and programs that offer to civil society.

We identify our corporate social responsibility with actions that support and dynamically develop the concept of supply to the axes:

  • Volunteering & Social Contribution</>
  • Local Community
  • Human Resources

Volunteering & Social Contribution

We promote the spirit and the importance of volunteering and social contribution through the organization of actions but also the support of social initiatives! At the same time, we participate in initiatives to support charities and non-profit organizations, proving in practice our interest in our fellow human beings in need.

Local Community

COMPASS, in the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, prioritizes cooperation with companies in the region and actively supports the work of local agencies, services and institutions.

Human Resources

COMPASS takes care of the development of its employees, through the investment in education and training, in the provision of equal opportunities and in the continuous improvement of the working environment.

We sponsor – We organize – We participate

  • Sports Clubs
  • Volunteer organizations
  • Social Bodies
  • Support associations for vulnerable social groups