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Terms & Conditions

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General Terms – Corporate Policy

COMPASS shall organize, plan, complete and implement its services in accordance with the schedule of every trip programme published and brought to the attention of the client. The customer’s purchase price for the program shall be fixed by COMPASS taking into consideration foreign currency exchange rates for Euro at the time of invoicing and the charges, taxes, fares and rates in force at the time of invoicing. Therefore, the price may be changed (either incremental, or decreasing) to any significant changes of any of the above factors and COMPASS is simply obliged to inform the customer about this.

COMPASS is responsible for ensuring that the program is adhered to without exception, but if third external factors such as weather conditions, strikes, changes in the services of suppliers, as mentioned by airlines, shipping companies, transport companies, change the conditions under which the program is adhered to, then COMPASS has no responsibility other than to provide customers with information on the new program as early as possible and as reliable as possible.

The airline tickets and the conditions governing them are a customer contract directly with the airline and the office has simply mediated the reservation of air seats. Therefore, for any modification of air services, delay in departure or return of travel, cancellation of service, change of aircraft type, overbooking or loss of travelers’ luggage, COMPASS is not liable or subject to any obligation.

In cases of force majeure, COMPASS may cancel part or the complete journey schedule.

COMPASS reserves the right to cancel the journey before departure, at any time and for any reason. If cancellation is made for reasons of force majeure or failure to fill in the sufficient number of participants and announced up to 24 hours before departure, COMPASS shall bear no liability whatsoever and shall not be obliged to compensate the participants. In the event of cancellation other than those mentioned above, COMPASS shall propose another equivalent journey to travelers on the canceled journey and shall refuse to reimburse all the money they have paid.

COMPASS implementing the P.D. 339/5.9.96 has an insurance policy for liability risks relating to the performance of the travel contract and the repatriation of travelers in the event of bankruptcy.

The customer during the reservation – statement of participation must be aware of these general conditions, all details of the journey, and must have signed the contract of participation. The customer must also pay a minimum deposit in advance of 30% of the value of the excursion. Payment of the balance of the travel value must be made by the customer to COMPASS up to 15 days before departure.

If a customer wishes to cancel his participation in any trip, should submit his request in written form. COMPASS Cancellation Policy sums up as:

  • Up to 30 days before – €100
  • From 29 to 15 days before – Total Deposit amount
  • From 15 to 1 days before – Total Trip Cost

In the case of charter flights and regardless of the time before departure, all value of air transport shall be retained.

ΟThe customer may transfer his participation to a third party having informed COMPASS at least 15 days before departure and assuming responsibility for any financial liability arising from the change of name mainly on the plane ticket or any other expense arising from the transfer.

According to an international hotel regulation, rooms are received by customers at 14.00 and delivered at 11.00. In case the customer wants to stay in the hotel beyond 11.00 a.m. he or she may consult directly with the hotel reception, who shall inform him of whether he is allowed to do so and of the cost of his day use.

Our company always works in the interests of the customers – travelers and makes every effort to ensure that the travel schedule is strictly adhered to, and that all needs of the customer are properly and qualitatively met. However, if complaints are made by the customer, the customer must immediately inform the local representative of the office, who will have to resolve them immediately. Failure to notify and late referral of complaints are a practice which is not permitted by the legislation in force. Complaints not satisfied during the journey must be delivered in written form to COMPASS within 1 week of the customer’s return.

Personal injury requirements arising from the non-performance or incorrect performance of the benefits of organized travel shall be limited in accordance with the liability provisions of international conventions binding on Greece and governing such.
Air transport : Warsaw Convention in 1929. Sea transport : Berne Convention in 1974. Hotel accommodation : Paris Convention in 1962. Road transport : E.U. Legislation.

In the case of any other damage (other than bodily injury) arising from the non-performance or incorrect execution of the services provided by the package, the compensation shall be limited to the reimbursement of the non-awarded payment of the benefit or to the difference in the value ultimately. The Greek courts in Thessaloniki, where the headquarters of COMPASS are installed, are appointed to rule on any claim.