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Team Building

Together Everyone Achieves More

Team Building

Worldwide, a steadily rising amount of companies choose to organize corporate journeys for their associates in order to strengthen the bonding between them so as to achieve group efficiency maximization.

Team Building Activities both indoor and outdoor contribute to that goal helping the participants grow amid them companionship and trust.

COMPASS uniquely offers:

Outdoor / indoor team building activities, Teamwork strengthening mind games, Motivation lectures, Goal setting exercises, Wine making experiences, Life coaching retreats

In collaboration with companies that specialize in Team Building Activities COMPASS offers complete travel packages that include Team Building Activities to companies that wish to strengthen the relationship among their associates.


Some of the Team Building Activities provided in collaboration with are:

  • kitesurf
  • windsurf
  • sailing
  • sup
  • wakeboard
  • ski
  • sailboat tours
  • cycling tour with a professional trainer
  • cycling tour with a professional trainer
  • skiing with a professional trainer
  • mind games
  • skill games
  • balance games
  • memory games

Our associates can satisfy any of your requests for activities beside the activities mentioned above. Our primary target is to combine in the best possible way travel pleasure and activities that will make your company even better.

The new trend in Team Bonding has come to Greece and COMPASS is a pioneer in this type of corporate travel.

Another category of activities where COMPASS in collaboration with specialized professionals provides activities and indoor games that strengthen trust and improve relationships between participants. Depending on the targeting of the company, we suggest the respective Indoor Activities that will bring the desired results through play and pleasant moments.


Some Indoor Activities categories that we provide in collaboration with specialized professionals are:

  • Active Teambuilding
  • Icebreakers & Energizers
  • Conference Teambuilding
  • Creative Teambuilding

Our executives have the ability to satisfy various other requests apart from the aforementioned activities. Our goal is to combine in the best possible way the pleasure of the trip with the activities that will make your company better.

The new trend in Team Bonding has come to Greece and COMPASS is a pioneer in this type of corporate travel.

COMPASS introduces Wine Tourism as a mean to shape corporate culture, as well as, to improve relations among associates both in small and larger corporations.

Applying tactics widely used in France and USA, COMPASS has planned and suggests team experiences based on the production, tasting and culture of wine making.

Wine making is an art that constantly attracts more and more corporate travelers across the universe that choose wine tourism for their corporate travels.

COMPASS, in collaboration with OENOSOPHY, has prepared complete organized trips to various wineries of Greece, enriching our Corporate team building activities that we proudly offer to our customers. Corporate Wine Tourism packages include visits to vineyards, learning the art of wine making, participation in the final stage of wine making (depends on the time of the year), lunch at a winery, various activities and at some occasions accommodation in a winery.


Inform us about the number of associates and the timeline of your trip and we will plan an unforgettable, tailor made Wine Tourism experience both for you and your associates.


What are Coaching Retreats?

The weeks of Coaching Retreats are one-week meetings, where within a well-designed program, modules related to the body (relaxation, strengthening, energy therapies), the soul and the spirit are alternated, utilizing the Gestalt Psychological Approach.

Participants will have the opportunity to get to know themselves better through individual and group activities, exercises and experiences and

to use the power they have to realize what they dream of for their work and life.


Who could use Coaching Retreats:

“Stressed leaders”, professionals, business executives, managers and entrepreneurs who work with other people and feel the need for empowerment.

It’s a great opportunity to:

– Act in an environment of optimism

-Draw new forces

-Increase their awareness of how they approach their work

-Interact with other people from different working environments
-Increase their mental resilience
-Enjoy the magnificent natural environment of Chalkidiki
-Meet products and people of the local gastronomic tradition


Every Coaching Retreat includes:

A morning and afternoon workshop every day and an entertaining proposal for the evening.

During the week there will be sections:

– Laugh therapy and stress relief
-Energy empowerment

-Teamwork for mental empowerment and increase personal awareness of beliefs that prevent us from moving forward

-Acquaintance with the roles we play at work and in life

-Positive Claim and take personal responsibility

-Exercise in teamwork and its secrets

-Acquaintance with change and how I become a changeagent

-Creating a personal plan of success Open space session without a program where the proposals come from the whole

-Acquaintance with Halkidiki which is a gastronomic paradise, with tasting of wine and traditional products

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