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Food & Wine

Every bite and every sip are storytellers

Cooking in Greece

Attend cooking classes and learn the greek way!

Learn how to cook traditional Greek dishes and even shop in a food market like a local. Begin your morning with tea and coffee, and then follow your guide to the market, where you’ll pick out fresh, seasonal ingredients. Enjoy meze dishes and a glass of ouzo before you start cooking your 4-course lunch of Greek specialties, then, sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labors, accompanied with wine and other treats.

Truffle Hunting in Meteora

``In fine, the truffle is the very diamond of gastronomy``
- Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

COMPASS offers you a trip to the magical world of truffle and mushrooms. In the forests of Meteora, which are famous for producing high quality truffles, explore the magnificent nature, collect truffles and, of course, taste them in a meal specially planned for you. Trained truffle dogs with their trainers will help you do so, teaching you the secrets of successful truffle hunting. Meanwhile, an excellent chef will prepare in the forest an amazing truffle-pasta with the same truffles that you have collected. It is definitely a unique experience that you should not miss.

Wine Tourism

``Where there is no wine there is no love`` -

COMPASS introduces Oenotourism as a means of developing a corporate culture and strengthening relations between staff of small and larger companies. With France and the USA as models, COMPASS has developed and provides team experiences that involve learning the wine culture and participating in wine production and tasting.

Globally, the art of winemaking attracts every year more corporate travelers who prefer it for their corporate excursions. COMPASS, in the context of the enhancement of its Corporate team building activities, has developed with OENOSOPHY and is proposing to you organized small-scale tours to wineries throughout Greece. Corporate wine tourism packages of COMPASS include visits to vineyards, learning the art of winemaking, participation at the stage of winemaking (depending on period), a meal at a winery, several parallel activities and in some cases a stay in a winery.

Let us know about the time and number of people in your company and we’ll form a tailor-made experience based on wine tourism that will be memorable for you and your colleagues.

Olive Oil

Choose among our organized packages!

The olive tree is known since the ancient times, its true origins are unknown, it possibly originated in the East Mediterranean countries. According to the ancient Greek Mythology the olive tree is originated in Athens and the first olive tree was planted by Pallas Athena in Acropolis. Greeks were the first to cultivate olive trees in the European Mediterranean area; they were brought either by Greek settlers or Phoenician merchants.

Join us for an all-inclusive exploration of the renowned Greek olive oil and discover its fine subtleties through an unforgettable tasting experience. Start your olive oil journey from the routes of its production all the way to the bottle in a peaceful cottage.