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Payment Methods

No money, no honey

For Debit / Credit Card payment use the following link: https://pay.vivawallet.com/compass


For Bank Transfer use the following bank accounts:

Eurobank – IBAN: GR4202602030000840202321522 | Holder: COMPASS IKE | Swift-BIC: ERBKGRAA

Piraeus Bank – IBAN: GR8901717110006711136405298 | Holder: COMPASS IKE | Swift-BIC: PIRBGRAA

National Bank – IBAN: GR4301102100000021000899829 | Holder: COMPASS IKE | Swift-BIC: ETHNGRAA

VIVA Wallet – IBAN: GR8570100000000157471772602 | Holder: COMPASS IKE | Swift-BIC: VPAYGRAAXXX