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Travel Cheques

Gimme Gimme Travel

A trip is the best gift!

Travel cheques of COMPASS:

  • Are a great way to donate experiences to your beloved friends and relatives.
  • Are published for any person you wish to make a gift to and it is you who decide the value of the cheque.
  • Can be cashed out using any COMPASSTravel Service up to 6 months since publication.

Give a Travel Cheque as a gift to your friends, relatives or associates and give them the chance to create pleasant memories from a leisure trip, summer or winter vacations, a business trip etc.

Terms & Conditions of Trip Travel Cheques:

  • The Travel Cheques are published as a prepaid discount receipt equal to the indicated value.
  • The Travel Cheques can not be exchanged for cash.
  • The Travel Cheques are used only as a discount for the COMPASS Travel Service selected, equal to the indicated value of the Cheque.
  • The Travel Cheque holder can make use of the Cheque for any COMPASS Travel Service (Hotel booking, air tickets, complete vacation packages, personal or group trips etc.) of any value.
  • The Travel Cheques can only be used in COMPASS Offices, address 4 Salaminos str., 1st floor, Thessaloniki, P.C. 54625.
  • The name of the beneficiary indicated on the Travel Cheque is binding and, consequently, the Travel Cheque can not be transferred or used in a travel service that the beneficiary does not attend.
  • Expiry date is binding and delimits the time interval that the travel cheques can be used.
  • The Travel Cheques are COMPASS property and, under no circumstances, are related to bank or any other form cheques.