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Summer on a mountain

During summer islands are not the only option. There are many destinations that compete equally with the blue-green waters and the green beaches, places that enchant the visitors with their natural beauty and offer moments of coolness under the green trees. It’s time to visit a mountain and live this unique experience called… mountain summer.

The incomparable natural beauty, the special architecture, the stone bridges and the picturesque paths are some of the elements that make you fall in love with the 46 villages pf Zagori. The activities in nature are countless, mainly hiking in the Vikos gorge, an experience that will surely enchant you. Visiting Zagorochoria is a cultural experience, where you will understand what local cuisine and customs really mean. Two of the most famous traditional villages are the small and the large Papigo, with breathtaking views. Next to the small Papigo there are the Ovires Rogovou, there you will find a natural pool with crystal clear waters that you should definitely dive into. The largest village is the enchanting Tsepelovo, with a strong traditional element and known for the festival that takes place in August.

“The mountain of the Centaurs” is beautiful throughout the year, but especially during summer it has something attractive that fascinates anyone who visits it. It combines, in harmony, mountain and sea. Enchanting paths like that of the Centaurs, picturesque, traditional villages like Tsagarada, Makrinitsa and Portaria offer you images of unparalleled beauty and a taste of what it means to lose yourself in the charm of nature, to try authentic local cuisine with special dishes and to understand the concept of simplicity. A traditional Greek coffee under the well-known plane trees in the village squares is enough to make one feel completed. For those who miss swimming, they can visit Agios Ioannis, a place with Aegean emerald waters and lush green forest.

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