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The most famous carnivals of Greece

The beloved celebration of young and old is approaching and the masqueraders make their last preparations until they pour out into the parades that take place on carnival Sunday in many parts of the country. We gathered the cities with the most famous carnivals in Greece for you to escape these days.


Patras is undoubtedly the “queen of the carnival, crowds of carnivalists gather from all over Greece and fill the streets and squares of the city dancing to frantic rhythms, culminating in the Great Parade of Sunday and the burning of the King of the Carnival!
One of the largest carnivals in northern Greece takes place in the city of Xanthi. Throughout the period of Carnival various customs take place and many events are held by local clubs, but here too the completion of the celebrations takes place with theburning of Tzaros which is accompanied by a show with fireworks.
Naoussa honors tradition and revives every year the custom “Genitsaros and Boules during which the locals dress in traditional costumes consisting of silver coins and under the sound of daouli and zurna they return dancing all over the city
In the city of Kozani revives a carnival different from all the others. In the various neighborhoods of the city, the “”fanos” light up and the locals sing around the fire traditional songs with profanity and sarcastic comments.


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