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The neighborhoods we singled out ….. in Copenhagen


The colorful neighborhoods of Copenhagen challenge you to discover them, boho, multicultural but also luxurious, each neighborhood has an element that sets it apart from the rest.

We have gathered the most beautiful neighborhoods to explore during your stay in the capital of Denmark.



A neighborhood filled with restaurants, bars and galleries, which managed to turn from a small working-class neighborhood into one of the city’s busiest neighborhoods. Here you will find modern guesthouses, bars, shops with vintage items and many options for nightlife.


It is the neighborhood with the characteristic colorful mansions and postcard ships in the harbor that was once the main port of the country. In this area is the home of writer Hans Christian Andersen where from his window he looked out onto the nearby square of King’s New.


An artificial island with the most beautiful and romantic alleys, with many traditional pubs but also wine and cocktail bars. The island was created in order to become a naval and commercial base and is now one of the most popular areas of Copenhagen.

Frederiksberg is the most prestigious neighborhood of the city,  with boutiques of famous designers, beautiful historical buildings. On this side of the city is one of the largest parks for picnics and relaxation, the famous gardens of Frederiksberg.



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