Archaeological Panorama of Mexico

Price €1990 15 days
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Archaeological Panorama of Mexico

€1990 per person

Mexico is one of the few Latin American states that can be proud of such a glorious past before the times of Columbus. The combination of Indian and Spanish cultural heritage is the most pronounced feature of the current face of the country. The Yucatan Peninsula, inhabited since ancient times by the Maya people, carries the heavy legacy of colonial rule in mansions, temples and palaces.
The region of Chiapas remains the most “Indian” region in the entire country, maintaining typical features of the rural life of the natives who still speak their own dialects today. This trip is unique in its duration, finally exploring this country thoroughly.  We do not limit the interest only to visiting the archaeological sites. So, along with the classic treasures of the great civilizations of the Aztecs, Maya and Olmecs, we dive into the Yucatan region, the colonial cities of the peninsula and national forests. It is certainly a unique journey that those who choose it will have the pleasure of discovering unknown sides of an unexpected world. Read the program and you will understand.

  • Dress Code
    Casual dress. Comfortable athletic clothing and comfortable shoes for walk.