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Travel Tips: How to clean clothes on a trip

You have left for a few days on a trip and you urgently need to wash some of the clothes you have taken with you either because the luggage you chose did not allow you to take more clothes with you or because an accident caused you to dirty the clothes you had with you and you need them for the rest of the trip. We have some useful tips you can follow.

Hand wash

Traditional hand washing can help you clean a small local stain as long as you have a detergent with you. If you are in a hotel you can use hand soap for a quick local wash.


Preparation from home

The more forward-thinking or those who often travel with children are well aware of the likelihood of an accident happening, so make sure they have some kind of detergent with them. The most useful tip even for you traveling with hand luggage is to have liquid laundry detergent with you in a small bottle (max 100ml).


Washing in the hotel

Most hotels, if not all, have laundry service and so with a small fee you save yourself from trouble and hassle and your clothes will return washed and ironed!

Whatever happens, even if none of the above solutions are useful to you, there will always be the quick solution to buy a new garment from your destination that will forever remind you of this trip!



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