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Travel Tips: How to overcome jet lag in a simple way

You are ready for a long trip to a distant destination, and you are already thinking about all the symptoms of Jet Lag.

We found you 5 easy steps to fight the symptoms and enjoy your journey from the begining…

Jet lag is the sleep disorder caused by the change of time and is the result of travel by plane that makes huge distances in very little time, as a result of which the human body cannot adapt to the alternation of day and night.

The most difficult case of Jet Lag occurs when we travel to the east and this is because extra hours are added to our biological clock. The symptoms that usually appear are insomnia, exhaustion, inability to concentrate, constipation or diarrhea, loss of appetite and headache. Follow these steps to go through the time changes on your trip as painlessly as possible.

1 Set your clock to the time of the country you are going to visit as soon as you get on the plane. It is advisable to adjust, if possible, your schedule a few days before your trip little by little to the times of your destination.

2 Sleeping during the flight depends on whether the flight takes place day or night and whether you are travelling east or west. If it is night at your destination, try to sleep during the flight, this way you help your body get into a new rhythm and meet its need for sleep in order to get into the local rhythms immediately upon your arrival. If your destination is east you will sleep earlier than usual. So you don’t have to sleep on the plane as you will sleep reasonably at bedtime.

3 Choose the right food Hearty meals can cause sleep problems and stomach upset. So it is advisable to eat light meals and avoid planeboard meals that usually have more salt.

4 Stay hydrated Consume plenty of water and avoid alcohol and a lot of caffeine, thus compensating for the plane’s dry air which increases the chances of dehydration.

5 Move according to the new time zone. Don’t count what time it’s in your home country. Set meals and sleep to local time even during the flight. When you arrive and it’s a day don’t be tempted to rest on the first day. Daylight helps restore the body’s biological clock.

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