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What should not be missing from the holiday suitcase?

The best period of the year has arrived… summer holidays!!! But your mind is concerned with various questions such as: what should I take with me? Is this needed? Is what I got unnecessary? Did I get a lot? Have I forgotten anything?

We give you the solutions to rid you of all these thoughts. These are the 5 main things that are impossible to be missing from your suitcase.

Sunscreen face and body

Sunbathing needs the proper protection from the sun. We have been in the difficult situation of burns and it is an awful experience that certainly no one wants to get during their holidays.

* Extra tip For those who love the chocolate skin color and wait summer for it, a tanning oil should have the first place in your suitcase.

Sunglasses and hat

The summer sun is dangerous, so sunglasses and hat are essential accessories for your summer holidays.

*Extra tip Protect your eyes and head with style by choosing sunglasses and hat that suit you.

Comfortable shoes and clothes 

Choose airy, summer clothes and comfortable shoes that will be ideal for all day and for the destination you have chosen.

* Extra tip In order not to take unnecessary clothes it would be good to think about sets for every day. The most important thing in your journey is to be comfortable and stylish.


It’s time to read this book which you constantly postpone during the year due to lack of time, the blue background of the sea and the sound of the waves are the ideal combination to take you to the story you are reading and to travel to another world.

*Extra tip For those who want to sharpen their minds even on the beach, a crossword puzzle is ideal company.

Power bank 

In order not to empty your batteries literally and all the gadgets you have with you to work without any problem a power bank is necessary.

* Extra tip Ideally choose a power bank with large capacity, so you always have peace of mind.

And of course, the most important thing to start a trip is your good mood, If you are in a good mood all of the above are unnecessary.

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