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Which destinations choose French travelers in Greece?

French travelers who seek a stress-free holiday in a place that can offer everything they need, choose Greece. The main criteria for choosing their destinations are the natural characteristics of the place, good food and drink.

More specifically, they choose Athens, the capital of Greece, which is the heart of culture and archaeology. Crete – the largest island in Greece offers so many different destinations, enchant its visitors with the hospitality, the Mediterranean civilization, the magnificent landscapes. Rhodes – the island of the knights, cosmopolitan but also calm, traditional and modern has everything they are looking for. Kos, the island of Hippocrates with sights from such different periods of time, is ideal for tranquility of soul and mind. Corfu – a «mythical» island, has so many stories that have been taken place on it. French travelers love the traditional food and handmade drinks of Corfu.

The above places have everything that French tourists want, unique natural beauties, traditional first quality products, enchanting beaches, attractions with significant history, breathtaking landscapes and high quality hospitality services.


Chania, Crete

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