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5 experiences you must have if you find yourself in New York

Modern and picturesque, cosmopolitan and conservative, chaotic and organized, the city that never sleeps invites you in every corner to live an experience that you will narrate for the rest of your life. It is one of those trips that everyone wants to do, but only if you let yourself go at its pace and live for a few moments as a local will you understand its pulse.

Here are 5 experiences you must have if you find yourself in New York (take a screenshot and put it in your favorites…)

Helicopter ride

Make it a “One in a lifetime” experience and fly by helicopter enjoying the panoramic view over the city, seeing all the sights from a different view. Starting from Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, continue across the Brooklyn Bridge, see the Empire State Building in Midtown, and enjoy the lush greenery of Central Park on your way back.

Food experience

You can’t live like a local if you don’t get to know the local cuisine, which has countless options even for the most demanding. You should definitely start with street food, bbq ribs, burger & American pizza you can find in every corner of the city. Award-winning restaurants that take fine dining to the next level. Under no circumstances should you leave without trying the traditional apple pie.

Athletics events

If you like basketball, an NBA match will definitely be at the top of your list, the rich spectacle it offers will captivate you and this time you will be inside the arena. A unique experience would be to watch an American football match that is nothing like what you are used to.


New York is famous for its endless entertainment options as well as the genuine entertainment found in its theater shows and musicals in the Broadway district. The plays are staged mainly on Broadway but also in smaller theatres.

Broadway shows are a unique experience that will enchant you. Whether you choose a classic musical or a show based on a fairy tale you will be enchanted. It is an experience that you will have in your suitcase and that will follow you.

Central Park

Seize the opportunity and wander in the largest and most famous park of New York, walk, ride a bike or even have a picnic and try to see every corner of the park that will surely remind you of scenes from many movies you have seen.

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