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Travel + Leisure :3 Greek islands in the list of the 25 bests in the world

According to readers of Travel + Leisure in the list of the 25 best islands in the world ranked 3 Greek islands.


Each year, readers rate each island based on the ideal travel experience. Among other things, the activities offered, the attractions, the good food, the friendliness of the residents and the overall value are the criteria by which an island gets a high score.

For 2022, in the top 3 places are Ischia (Italy), the Maldives and Bali (Indonesia). In 4th place comes Milos in 12th place Paros and in 22nd place Crete

At the same time, in a survey carried out on the 20 best islands in Europe, the readers of Travel + Leisure, taking into account the combination of good food, rich history and beautiful environment, brought 7 distinctions for Greece. More specifically, the 2nd place was occupied by Milos, the 3rd place by Paros, the 7th place by Crete, while at the same time Corfu is in 10th place, Santorini in 13th, Rhodes in 19th and Mykonos in 20th.

The Greek islands have a way of charming travelers who very often choose them again and again for their stay. The combination of various options for activities, the beautiful award-winning beaches with clear blue waters, their good and welcoming environment are just some of the elements that set them apart!


Paros, Cyclades



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