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5 steps before you go on vacation

Your holidays have arrived, and you want everything well – prepared, don’t worry all you need is just proper planning before you leave so you can enjoy your vacation.

After you have completed planning your holidays, you must pay attention to small details that will help you avoid any troubles.

1. Travel documents and tickets

Check your travel documents and place them in the bag you will have on you, of course if your trip requires a passport you have to be sure that it has not expired! Make sure your tickets (boarding pass, ferry tickets) are in your Mailbox, but if you are a traditional person, print them out to have them with you!

2. Inform everyone that you will be missing…

Although your people already know it and your friends will see it on social media, inform your co-workers that you will be absent… it is very important in order not to be bothered by anyone in your relaxation. So, send an email to internal and external partners 2-3 days before your departure, and inform them about the days that you will be away! A basic requirement is to have made sure to finish up with your tasks in order to be more carefree.

3. Weather…

A few days before your trip make sure to check the weather… We definitely want to know what clothes we should take with us and how the weather will be. For most of the people, the wind is the guidline in order to choose the beaches that will visit. Either for pleasure or for extreme sports…

4. Destination information

You are looking for relaxation but at the same time you want to see all the beauties and small treasures that your destination has. Gather any information related to what to do and what is worth seeing in order to make a plan with the map of the area, it will save you time! Do not forget to do a little search on Instagram for the enchanting landscapes that you definitely want to be photographed on.

5. Pack a suitcase

It’s time to pack a suitcase…in order not to be stressed by the process, make a list of the essentials you will need on your trip. Don’t forget to take the barely necessary, airy clothes, swimsuit, sunscreen, power chargers and your good mood!



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