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Discover the ideal islands for short getaways

Are you looking for a little break and a way to escape from everyday life but your summer holidays haven’t arrived yet? The hot weather is already unbearable and we are all looking for an oasis of coolness. We found you 5 islands for short getaways… for the weekend!!! Take only the essentials and let’s go.


An ideal destination for tranquility. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of Spetses will enchant you. It is ideal for endless walks since cars are prohibited on the island. The clear waters, the picturesque beaches, and the house of Bouboulina give different options to every traveler.


Less than an hour from Piraeus port, is the island of Aegina. It combines everyhthing that you are looking for a quick getaway, good food in the main harbor, a walk in the picturesque alleys and many options in cosmopolitan bars to enjoy your cocktail.


Kythnos stands out with its simplicity, its beautiful beaches, and its thermal baths. The windmills, the paved alleys and the white little churches are all you can ask from a Cycladic Island in less than 3 hours away from Piraeus port.


Skiathos is the busiest island of Sporades Islands. Its picturesque houses and its wonderful harbor is a pole of attraction for many tourists every year either for a short weekend getaway or for summer holidays. It is not a coincidence that  lovers of sailing and yachting prefer Skiathos.


The simplicity and relaxation of the island, combined with its endless golden beaches, is the combination you need to fulfill your batteries.

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