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Destinations in Greece for “nature lovers”

When someone thinks of Greece, the blue sea, the beaches, the white houses on the islands and the rich history of the capital come to mind.But few people know that Greece has the richest flora and fauna in Europe, that it is a mountainous country with ski resorts, wild bears, over 400 Natura 2000 sites and one of the best places for bird watching. So the options for destinations in nature are many…

Let’s start…

Chania – Samaria Gorge

The longest corge in Europe is located in Crete, specifically on the south side of Chania, in the largest uninhabited area of ​​the old continent. The gorge is located between the White Mountains and Mount Volakias and ends at Agia Roumeli. Hiking in the gorge is an experience you must have if you visit the island!

Halkidiki – Sithonia

Sithonia, known as the second leg, with its unique pine forests that end in the sea and create hidden coves make up a magical landscape. At the same time, it has everything you are looking for, accommodation, food, activities for the whole family and not just in the summer.


Nymfaio is considered the most beautiful stone village in Greece, it is one of the 10 most beautiful villages in Europe according to UNESCO. With their mansions and architecture standing out, its picturesque streets and historic buildings combined with the beech forest that surrounds it composes this unique setting that offers you peace and relaxation. The “ARKTOUROS” bear sanctuary is located in the village and you should not miss a guided tour to see the animals.


Karpenissi, in addition to its attractions and good food, has a unique natural beauty and countless options for outdoor activities. Although most choose it as a winter destination because of the Velouchi ski resort, Karpenissi is ideal for nature excursions all year round. It is worth visiting the “Panda Vrechei” gorge with its waterfalls, caves, lakes in its dense vegetation.

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