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The 5 best outdoor activities for families

Schools and the children’s daily activities have started, so family time has been limited. The obligations are many and you are looking to spend quality time with your children and create experiences that you will remember throughout your life.

We have found outdoor activities that young and old will love..

Horse Riding

Horse riding gives you a feeling of freedom. A nature trail with horses helps you escape from everyday life, but primarily give the opportunity to children to meet horses and the peace they offer.


Cycling reminds us our childhood and at the same time children love it very much. In the city, on the beach or on a mountain you can put it in your daily routine or weekend activities and make the bike riding the weekly meeting point of the family.


Young and old love liquid element, so if any of your nearby getaways or excursions may include rafting, definitely choose it. The team effort and the descent of river will please the whole family!


The good thing about hiking is that it is for everyone, without requiring any special preparation or equipment. All that is needed is the willingness of the whole family to wander in nature, to discover new paths and live unique experiences by walking in the mountains, in the rivers or even in the organized shelters for the more experienced.


Any child or adult can do archery. Although not particularly popular, its benefits are many, it increases self-confidence, helps with proper body posture and general development. Archery can teach young and old to set goals, to concentrate, to have team cooperation. I suggest you try it on any family outing you get the chance!

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