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Discover the new trend in camping – Glamping

Glambing – combine nature and luxury into a single word.

Do you want to calm down from all this chaos and escape from the city jungle, to sleep with a view of the stars but at the same time to have a little more comfort? The solution is glambing!

Glambing is the new holiday trend of luxury camping. The term glambing means <<luxury stay in nature>>. When glambing, you will be able to go hiking, biking, canoeing or having any other activity in nature and return to a paradise on earth. High aesthetics structures, perfectly harmonized with the environment offering 5-star hotel level services. Glambing is here to prove that a tent, or a tree house can be transformed into an ideal place to stay, autonomous with all the amenities of a hotel.

No more excuses…it’s time to bring a new philosophy in tourism and go a step further, paying more attention to our environment without putting aside our comforts.

Don’t miss the opportunity for such a unique experience!!

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