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Discover destinations near Thessaloniki for day-trips

Do you live in Thessaloniki and looking for ideal destinations for short getaways?  The strategic location of the city offers countless options only a few kilometers away, ideal for day trips.


Lake Kerkini, Serres

The protected wetland of Lake Kerkini is located about 1.5 hours from Thessaloniki. The rare animals and plants of the area make its visitors love it. The lake offers countless activities, a ride in traditional boats, fishing, bird watching and cycling, horseback riding and hiking to enjoy every part of it. Do not forget to try the local cuisine with traditional ingredients that is prepared exclusively in the area.


Loutra Pozar

Pozar Thermal Baths are the ideal destination for relaxation, tranquility and well-being. A well-organized small spa town with hotels, refreshments, swimming pools and restaurants are there for to discover!


Palios Panteleimonas, Pieria

The combination of mountain and sea view and the picturesque paved alleys will make you forget that you are only a few hours away from Thessaloniki. Do not forget to drink your coffee and eat spoon sweets in the traditional café in the village square.  Ideal destination for excursions the whole year.


Palios Agios Athanasios, Pella

Another option that you will love is the traditional settlement of Palios Agios Athanasios. The stone buildings and alleys, the hospitable guesthouses and the traditional taverns will help you escape from everyday life. The ski resort of Kaimaktsalan, established Agios Athanasios as a winter destination but its altitude is ideal for summer months too.

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