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Oktoberfest: The largest beer festival in the world returned after 2 years of absence

Oktoberfest, Germany’s most famous beer festival, which attracts millions of visitors from around the world, has opened its doors in Munich after two years of absence due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Did you know that?

-The festival will be open until October 3rd

-In 200 years of operation it has been cancelled only 26 times

-Last event was held in 2019 when it welcomed 6.3 million visitors who consumed over 7.3 million liters of German beer

-Germans are among the highest consumers of beer in Europe with an annual average consumption of 84 liters per person for 2021

-Oktoberfest generates around €1.2 billion income per year

-There are 17 large tents and another 21 smaller ones. The largest tent is of Hofbräu-Festhalle

-There are more than 140 restaurants and stalls with inexhaustible quantities of all kinds of food


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