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Olympus: Experiences at the «home of gods»

Do you want to live an experience that seems eerie and at the same time will calm you down? Then you should seriously consider trying your limits and go to Olympus!

Olympus, also known as the “home of gods” from mythology, is hiding in some of your wildest dreams. The beauty and the legend surrounding it challenge you to explore it. Its peaks, valleys and gorges are full of experiences and invite you to live them..

Accommodation in a shelter

While for your stay you can also choose a neighboring area with beautiful accommodation, the ultimate experience is living in one of the 9 accommodation shelters that operate in Olympus and receive a large number of visitors annually. You can find shelters in both lower and higher altitudes.

Enipeas Gorge

The Enipeas Gorge with a total length of around 11 km is one of the most beautiful places to cross, the route between the rocks, the wooden bridges and the rocky stairs will enchant you. On your way to Prionia you will also come across the small church of Agios Dionysios which looks like a cave with waterfalls that creates natural pools.

Throne of Zeus

Climbing one of the peaks may seem impossible to you, but the most famous route leads from Prionia to the Spilios Agapitos shelter and then to the Muse plateau. Whatever route you choose, make sure to book it with an experienced driver!

Mountain bike

If you are a bike lover then you have two options for cycling, on Olympus or Kissavos, on paths in the forest. The firs and pines make the route unique and stopping at the natural springs of the mountain will impress you. Of course, there are organized cycling groups that you can go with.

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