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The most popular festivals on the 15th of August

The fifteenth of August is approaching and the feast of the Virgin Mary is celebrated solemnly from one end to the other throughout the country. However, if you are one of the lucky ones and find yourself on an island, don’t neglect to visit a festival that will surely be unforgettable!!!


The island of Tinos is the number one pilgrimage site in the country with many people visiting it throughout the year. Especially for the 15th of August, the island welcomes a large number of tourists who attend the services and the litany. A special moment is the laying of wreaths on the wet grave of “Elli” that was torpedoed outside the island’s port.

Panagia of Tinos


If you are on the island of Paros then you should definitely visit Panagia Ekatontapyliani on the fifteenth of August, apart from the parade that takes place and the transfer of the image, at night the scene changes. Dozens of small boats are lit up and thrown into the “war” of sparklers where night becomes day and combined with dance and music the scenery seems to have come out of another era.


Astypalaia celebrates the Fifteenth of August in honor of Panagia Portaitissa who stands majestically in the island’s castle. The locals cook and distribute to the guests the “Labrian” goat meat with potatoes which is the most delicious thing you have ever tasted!!


If you are a lover of tradition and island music, you must be at the festival of Panagia Spiliani in Mandraki. The church is located inside the knight’s castle and the sounds of the violin, lute and dulcimer will seduce you into a dance until the morning.

Panagia Spyliani


If you are in Amorgos, the festival in Panagia Panochoriani should be number 1 on your holiday to-do list. Amorgian delicacies, raki and rakomela have a prominent place in this festival. The alleys are overflowing with people and the scenery is enchanting! Definitely pay a visit to Panagia Chozoviotissa, which is literally built into the rock.

Panagia Chozoviotissa

For those of you who are on the mainland and this year won’t have the opportunity to visit one of our islands, there are countless options for festivals not only on the 15th of August but also throughout the summer…

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