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The customs of the Theophany throughout Greece

Theophany is a great celebration and its celebration customs have roots deeply hidden in time. Various cities in Greece keep traditions and revive customs. If you belong to the excursionists of Theophany do not miss them….
Ragoutsaria Kastoria
With three-day carnival events, where everyone disguises themselves as animals or as a man or a woman, Ragoutsaria is celebrated. Immediately after the sanctification of the waters, the Ragoutsaria pour out in groups in the neighborhoods of the city, singing and dancing in a big parade.


Fotarades Paleokastro of Chalkidiki
On the eve of the Theophany, a group of kalantists chooses theirking and after visiting the village church, they go from house to house singing carols. On the day of the Theophany , the “king“, dressed in a tsompanic cape, and the Fotarades“, dressed in the local costume and holding large wooden swords, dance in the village square.


Arapides” Drama
In all the villages of Drama there are various variations of the custom of the Arapids”, where they disguise themselves in black clothes. Groups of “Arapids” parade through the streets to the deafening sounds of their bells.


«Yala yala» Ermioni Argolida
At the dawn of the Theophany , the boys who are going to be presented to the army in the new year, gather, dine together and then return to all the houses of the area from alley to alley, wearing traditional naval costumes and singing yala yala“. On the eve of Theophany , the inhabitants decorate their boats with palm trees, bitter oranges and myrtles, which they tie up in the harbor before the usual dive. This custom dates back more than 50 years.


“Oranges Lefkada
The faithful dive into the sea the oranges they hold in their hands and which are tied together with twine. Then they take them home for blessing and leave one of them for a whole year in the icons of the house. Before the ceremony of the diving of the Holy Cross, they throw the old oranges into the sea.


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