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Which destination to choose for your very first trip to Asia

If you are looking for the ultimate travel experience in remote Asia then the contrasts of modern culture combined with the religious traditional mentality of the region will offer you countless options. Exotic natural landscapes will enchant you and relax every aspect of yourself. A trip to Asia has many remarkable destinations, crowded countries such as India, China, Japan and Thailand but also less touristic ones such as Nepal, Tibet and Sri Lanka.
For your very first trip to the largest continent on earth I will recommend Nepal.


Nepal is located in the shadow of the Himalayas and on the border with Tibet. Nepal is the homeland of Buddhism and its history begins from the middle of the 1st millennium BC multireligious and multicultural country, its characteristics were created centuries ago as it was a large commercial center and part of the Silk Road


Its impressive temples and imposing and majestic palaces stand out. Your journey can start from the capital of Kathmandu with walks in the narrow alleys with the Buddhist temples. The most important temple is that of Swayambhu of the 5th century.
On the northwest side of the temple live holy monkeys, which is why the temple is known as the Temple of the Apes. It is also worth a stop at the Pashupatinath Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most majestic temples and Patan Durbar Square in the city of Lalitpur where one of the royal palaces of Nepal is located



In Chitwan of Kathmandu you will meet the Tharu tribe in colorful costumes, a seminomadic rural tribe that follows the traditional way of life but also go on safari in the National Park of Chitwan to see up close the huge elephants, the now protected Bengal tigers, rhinos and alligators but also if you want you can take an elephant ride


Do not miss a boat ride on Lake Peva in the city of Pokhara, the second longest after Kathmandu and if of course your physical condition allows it, the most musthave experience you can live in Nepal is to climb Mount Everest, if your physical condition is not at the levels you would like, try to make a small part of the route to enjoy enchanting landscapes with wonderful forests, suspension bridges and impressive canyons, accompanied by guides of the Sherpa tribe, a tribe that has lived for several centuries on the slopes of the Himalayas.
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