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The most popular hiking trails in Greece

Greece with its hundreds of high mountains gives a plethora of options for hiking trails. It has large European Trails such as the E4 & E6, the European certified networks such as the Nestos Rhodope Trail, but also many local marked trails that lead to unique destinations that invite you to discover. We have selected some of the best for you


In Vikos Gorge is one of the classic hiking trails and one of the most exciting in Greece, which connects the villages of Monodendri and Vikos and passes through the heart of the VikosAoos National Park. The route lasts about 6 hours, it is rich in fauna, while in some parts you can swim in the summer. In Zagorochoria one can find routes for all levels, one of the also famous routes of the area is in the area of Drakolimni, which is located at an altitude of 2000 meters with a breathtaking landscape. Starting from small Papigo and going towards the Astrakas refuge, continuing towards Lakka Tsoumani one ends up in Drakolimni

One of the most important European trails is the Stena of Nestos Kromniko which has a length of 9.9 km and a duration of about 4 hours. The route starts from Galani and ends at the Straits and continues on the rock and a built-in path that has a retrograde course from the flow of the river and ends at the now abandoned railway stop of Kromnikos. From Kromniko of course there are other routes that one can choose.



The river Lousios connects Dimitsana and Stemnitsa and the hiking route it offers has rich elements for walkers who will choose it. Both its natural and cultural elements will make you love this very enjoyable route. In the Peloponnese also, both on the Laconian side the network of trails exceeds 90 km and consists of many trails of varying degrees of difficulty and distances, as well as on the Messinian side with the famous gorges of Koskarakas, Viros and Rintomos.


The route to climb to the top of Mount Olympus is for many a ritual. It starts from Prionia at 1100, from where the E4 path passes through Litochoro and the gorge of Enipeas, to continue until the peaks of Olympus in Mytikas at 2918 meters.



The Samaria Gorge is the largest and most famous gorge of Crete where visitors from all parts of the world arrive for hiking, to feel the ultimate experience of Cretan nature. On the other hand, the scenery changes as the peninsula of Gramvousa is characterized by many as the place of the arid Land“. This route has two different trails. One starts from Falasarna through a wild path that needs attention and experience from walkers and the other from Kissamos with a more passable path that you can cross even without equipment.



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