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Travel Tips: Smart ways to fold clothes in suitcase


All of us have a way of organizing our items in our suitcase, and youve certainly heard or seen various clever folding techniques of folding clothes. Weve put together smart ways for you not to get bogged down every time you want to pack a suitcase.



The roll method“, in which instead of stacking our clothes, we wrap them in a small roll and place them next to each other. However, delicate clothes are crumpled with this method.


Also famous is the packing cubes method, you will need rectangleshaped cases that close with a zipper. So you will organize into cases clothes, shoes, cosmetics, electronic gadgets into different cases inside the suitcase. It is also important if it is an organization of a childs suitcase, where in this way you can place the clothes per set and make it easier for the children to choose them. This method has recently evolved into compression travel cubes“, which solve the problem with bulky clothes. Attention the weight remains the same with this method.

Of course, we do not forget the basic rules of organization, which require heavy objects and shoes to be put first in the suitcase, in the middle to enter the most fragile objects and in the upper part the bulky clothes.

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