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Travel Tips: first trip with a child on the plane… All you need to know

We are well aware that when we talk about traveling with a child we have to be well prepared, especially when it comes to traveling by plane for the very first time. Depending on the age of your child we have gathered some of the necessary things that will help you!

The baby buggy pushchair is delivered outside the aircraft cabin and is the first piece of baggage that will be waiting for you upon your arrival for the easiest and safest transfer of the child to the airport area. Sling will be also very useful both in the cabin and at the airport as the baby is constantly in the arms if we are talking about a newborn baby.
During landing and take-off breastfeed your baby or give milk or a bottle water or give him to suck his pacifier. Constant swallowing prevents pains of the ears. Older children can chew a candy or gum or drink water.

To keep the child busy, take some small, old or even new toys with you, books, and drawing materials and make sure to give them from time to time to maintain their interest throughout the flight.
Finally, get small snacks that you can give to the child especially if the flight duration is long.
Do not let the difficulties make you postpone your trip, with good preparation the flight will be a pleasant process for the child but also an experience for the whole family!


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