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Famous thermal baths in Europe

More and more you are looking for moments of relaxation and well-being, not only in your daily life but mainly in your holidays. More and more Europeans are choosing to travel to destinations that have spas or thermal baths. The healing properties of water have been known since ancient times.
The modern facilities of the thermal baths, the facilities of the hotels located near these areas as well as the plethora of parallel activities that you can do during your stay gives you everything you are looking for on your vacation…

England – Thermae Bath Spa

The awarded Natural Spa Thermae Bath Spa is the only naturally warm and mineralrich water in Britain. It has great views of the picturesque town of Bath and a wide variety of relaxing packages.

Belgium – Spa
Spa is one of Belgiums most popular tourist destinations known for its natural hot springs and the production of mineral water Spa“.

Budapest – Gellert Baths

Budapest is famous for its baths. The historic Gellert baths count more than 100 years of operation and is a mansion complex consisting of the hotel and the baths.
France – Aix-les-Bains
AixlesBains, is the 4th thermal city in France, also known as the queenresort and the queen of the resorts“. A place of thermal baths and wellness where ancestral techniques are followed, which have evolved into modern techniques that produce more intense therapeutic effects for the body.

Germany – Liquidrom

This urban bath consists of a large seawater swimming pool in a lowlit hall with a vaulted ceiling. The density of salt is quite high and helps with its properties.

Iceland – Blue Lagoon

Blue Laggon in Iceland is what we call a life experience. It is one of the top attractions in the country and in recent years its fame has spread with its images making the rounds of the world through social media from visitors rushing to visit it.

Romania – Therme Bucurest

Modern facilities next to the airport, but also close to the city of Bucharest, with indoor and outdoor pools are a pole of attraction for visitors.


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