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Travel Tips: How to overcome your fear of airplanes

Sweating, shortness of breath, sweating hands, trembling eyes and generally intense anxiety and stress are just some of the most common manifestations of anxiety that occur even in the thought of some people about traveling by plane. Of course, there are many who do not travel because of their fear of airplanes, but they miss the unique opportunity offered by this means of transport for fast transportation to distant destinations.
But lets talk with numbers, according to statistics the plane is the 2nd safest means, with the elevator as the first means (!), as well as that the probability of an air accident is 1 in 11,000,000, data that are capable of convincing even the most skeptical.
We found you 5 smart Tips to overcome your fear and get to know the world from end to end by traveling by plane


1. Familiarize yourself with flιght

The best way to overcome your fear is to travel. You can start with short flights to nearby destinations, it is the best way to take your time and get acquainted with both the aircraft space and the flight itself.

2. Occupy your mind

The best solution to keep your mind occupied on the flight is to listen to relaxing music from your mobile or tablet, watch a movie downloaded to your device or even read a book or magazine. Breathing exercises would also be very helpful.

3. Open the individual air conditioning

In situations of intense stress, we all need fresh air, because this is not easy in the aircraft space, a good solution is to have the individual air vent on throughout the flight.

4 Choose a suitable seat

The seat you will sit on the plane, is very important. If your fear is claustrophobia, you should choose a seat at the rear of the aircraft, if you are afraid of air gaps to choose a seat at the front, it is advisable that your seat is close to the aisle and not next to a window. Be careful that the seats near the emergency exits should not be one of your options as they select people who will be able to help in case of emergency.

5 Focus on destination

In any case, focus your attention on the purpose of the trip and the destination and not on the route!
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