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Vienna.. A journey like a fairytale

Imperial, majestic, majestic, majestic are just some of the words that characterize the capital of Austria. Vienna captivates its visitors at first sight and is sure to give you a fairytale trip!
A city full of contrasts, its historic center is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that offers an atmosphere from its imperial past and at the same time is the heart of the city.
At the same time that the rest of the capital extends around the old city, with its modern buildings and shops.

In the Innere Stadt (inner city) as the locals call it, you will wander around the baroque palaces, the famous museums, the countless galleries and the historic restaurants and cafes of the city.
Even if you are not one of the lovers of classical music, the city challenges you to enjoy one of the famous concerts of the Vienna State Opera to the sounds of famous composers, which is definitely an experience of a lifetime.

Vienna is identified with the face of Empress Sissy, in every corner of the city you meet her influences. Of course, just outside the city you can visit the Schloss Schönbrunn Palace which is impressive both inside and outside with its majestic and impressive gardens. The beautiful Schönbrunn is built, of course, in a baroque style, being the most characteristic and important example of similar architecture in the whole of Austria.
Where the great imperial stables once stood, the neighbourhood of the museums (Museumsquartier) is now housed, where after reconstruction they host many museums, galleries and, among others, the building of the MUMOK (Ludwig Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art).

If you choose to visit it at Christmas do not miss a walk through its wonderful Christmas markets. In the Town Hall Square, the Belvedere Palace, Maria Theresa Square, the University Campus, the Schönbrunn Palace and other parts of the city, you will enjoy glühwein, buy handmade gifts and Christmas souvenirs. Especially at Christmas, Vienna offers a unique experience that you will remember forever!
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