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Travel Tips: What should our travel pharmacy contain?

You may start a journey with the best standards but you should not take for granted how everything will turn out well and its duration. So, in order to avoid the unexpected and the difficulties you may encounter if something happens to you during your trip, you need organization and prevention.
A small KIT with the essentials is exactly what you need in order to deal with some small health problems that may happen to you on your trip. We have gathered for you what the pharmacy of your trip should contain.

What should be in our travel pharmacy:




Sterile syringe.

Disposable rubber gloves.



Gauze of various sizes.

Leukoplast and adhesive patches.

Hydrogen peroxide.
Saline ampoules
Cream or spray for burns.
Ammonia (useful for insect bites).
Cortisone ointment or cream.
Analgesic painkiller antipyretic drugs (paracetamol, aspirin) and simple antiinflammatories
Antinausea drugs (eg, dramamine) antiemetics.
Antidiarrheals (loperamide).
The pharmacy should also contain the medications you may be taking systematically in the context of chronic treatment. In addition, the pharmacy should be stored in a dry and cool place, out of the reach of children. If any of the medications need a refrigerator during transportation you will need ice packs.
Before using the drugs you should consult your doctor or pharmacist.



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