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The best discount shopping villages in Europe


The discount shopping villages that exist in different regions of Europe may not be located, for the most part, in the large urban centers, however, they are easily accessible from them by train, bus or car. Where visitors can find prices more economical and a wide variety of brands that leave no one unmoved.

Barberino Designer Outlet, Italy

A branch of the large MacArthur Glen group, the discount village of Barberino is a pole of attraction for locals and travelers who arrive there, wanting to get a good taste of one of the strongest products that our neighboring Italy exports to the rest of the world: fashion.

Serravalle Designer Outlet, Serravalle Μιλάνο, Italy

Perhaps the most famous discount center of the whole of Europe, the Serravalle Designer Outlet is located just outside the city that all those who dream of a short trip to the place where the heart of the largest fashion houses in Italy beats want to visit.

Bicester Village, United Kingdom

In Bicester, Oxfordshire County in England, is the most famous discount village in Great Britain. So much so that even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has been immortalized doing her shopping in his elegant shops. Large discounts justify the fact that more than 6 million visitors arrive in Bicester every year.

La Valle Village, France

Although Paris is in itself one of the ultimate shopping destinations in the world, within a very short distance, it is located one of the most famous discount centers in central Europe, ideal for those looking for large, French brands at much more affordable prices.

Wertheim Village, Wurzburg, .Germany

In Germany, and specifically in Bavaria, a small, picturesque town with beautiful medieval buildings and traditional character attracts tourists from all over the world who discover the lesser-known beauties of central Europe. Wurzburg is one of the oldest cities in the whole of Germany and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But visitors also choose it for another reason, to take an all-day walk in large, discount boutiques of well-known fashion brands.

Ingolstadt Village, Germany

In Bavaria, also very close to Munich, there is the discount village of Ingolstadt that attracts crowds for shopping. Among the stores of clothes and brands you will find wonderful canteens and restaurants with countless food options, from traditional Bavarian dishes to exotic cuisines.


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