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Which Greek destinations do Italian travelers prefer?

Italians choose Greece for their holidays, because of the combination of sea and greenery. Because of their culture, they seek contact with nature, walks in places characterized by unparalleled natural beauty and picturesqueness.

At the top of the preferences of Italian tourists is Elafonisos, the picturesque island of the Peloponnese for several years is their favorite destination. An island taken from a fairy tale, on this island with the turquoise waters, the shade from the cedars and the white sand, travelers want to shipwreck forever. Next up are Sporades islands  where, in an atmosphere of absolute freedom, Italians enjoy the most carefree holidays, swim next to dolphins and combine the absolute green with the endless blue. Mykonos, the famous island of the winds, is the most cosmopolitan island of Cyclades, ideal for holidays if you are font of intense nightlife, award-winning restaurants, dreamy villas, luxury and natural beauties. Visit Santorini and feel the explosion of charm, be enchanted by its unique wild beauty, enjoy your swim in black sand beaches and see the most beautiful sunset overlooking the caldera.

Rhodes is one of the most picturesque islands of Greece! The old town of Rhodes certainly impresses every visitor while its beaches satisfy even the most demanding guests. If you want to experience holidays in a place that combines the picturesqueness and carefreeness that an island offers with the variety of options offered by a city Corfu is the right place. Finally, Zakynthos, the island that is famous worldwide for the Caretta Caretta turtles, leave its visitors with their mouths open with its turquoise beaches and the marvellous view of the Ionian Sea.

Elafonisos, Peloponnese

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