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Why did the flights from USA to Greece increase?

The first direct flights from the United States of America to Greece are a fact since the first months of 2022. With 9 direct flights a day, Greece is now connected with the U.S.A. with over 3000 visitors every week.



American travelers were always fond of both Athens and the Greek islands and the direct connection with Greece has led to a significant increase of travel demand. This year the euro-dollar exchange rate makes the stay of Americans in Greece more affordable and this is something that particularly favors Greece. A significant number of people travel from America to Greece in order to visit relatives and friends, as there are many Greeks who have emigrated to America. They find these flights as an opportunity to return back home even for a few days, avoiding the inconvenience of previous years.

According to the American magazine Forbes, Greece is considered as a pioneer summer destination in an article entitled: “Greece is the world: Why it is at the top of bookings among European destinations for the summer”.

If you have started your wanderings in the center of Athens or your excursions to the Greek islands, you have already understood their strong presence.

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