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Escape to Istanbul with the scent of East..

The crossroads of cultures, the city of sensations and tastes of the east is a place full of aromas, tastes and memories that give rise to different memories for everyone.

Highly touristic at all times of the year, who rush from every corner of the earth either to admire its sights or for religious tourism as it is one of the largest pilgrimage sites for Muslims. Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Dolma Bakhce and Top Kapi are just some of the attractions that you should definitely visit.

If you want to see the authentic side of the city, you should get lost in its alleys, walk it and listen to it through its colors, the sounds of its neighborhoods and indulge in its aromas. A walk along the Bosphorus will be enough to make you immediately understand how many contrasts this city hides. The colors of the east and the west will enchant you. Drink a coffee on the embers, try traditional street ice cream and of course you have to taste their traditional sweets.

You should definitely take the time to visit their famous bazaars, covered markets where you will find what you are really looking for. Fabrics, decorations, clothing, watches, bags and accessories, with traders who will do anything to convince you to buy through a ‘hard bargain’. The smell of fresh spices will make you look for the side of the market where you will find everything gathered, spices, Turkish delights, teas and herbs for all occasions.


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